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"Art is something that makes people smile." - Gracy Wen

Artist Bio:


Gracy Wen 溫怡萱 is an artist born in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Since she was a kid, her passion for art never stopped growing, which led her to fly across the ocean to New York for college. She’s majoring in illustration at the School of Visual Arts, pursuing her dream of becoming an artist. Her inspiration comes from daily life - the breakfast she had the other day, walking home from school with her sister, the dream she had the last night… those little things are combined with surrealism from her world, which she calls "Neverland," and colors that express what they want to convey. Her works are primarily illustrations with some fine art, either narrative or editorial; she works in both digital and traditional, and her favorite combination is watercolor/gouache with colored pencils. 

She wants people to enjoy her art and the emotions she weaves with every brushstroke. Besides illustrating, she is interested in psychology and plans to get her master's degree in art therapy after graduating. She wants to combine children’s books with art therapy to heal people with the warmth of her works. 

September 2021 - May 2025

BFA in School of Visual Arts, Illustration Major

Experiences, Exhibitions, Awards and Nominations:


September 2020 - May 2021

Teaching Assistant at Pacific American School for the course "Adobe Essentials"

June - July 2020

Internship at American Eagle Institute Kindergarten Department

September 2022 - May 2023

Vice President for the Taiwanese Student Association at the School of Visual Arts

January 2023

Exhibition Assistant for "Jersey Art Book Fair" held by Mana Contemporary 

April 2023 - October 2023

Graphic Designer and Exhibition assistant for TAAC Art Residency,

"From Island to Island' held by TAAC and the Trust of Governors Island

September 2023 - Now

President and Founder of the School of Visual Arts Art Therapy Club

September 2023 - Now

Graphic Designer and Illustrator for the Federal Taiwanese Student Associations in New York

September 2023 - Now

Artist Assistance for Chinchih Yang


May 2023 - October 2023

Exhibited at "From Island to Island" hosted by TAAC and 

the Trust of Governors Island

Awards and Nominations:

"唯一亞裔面孔 TAAC參與紐約總督島藝術家駐村展" by Epoch Times (2023):

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